2/23 Your Money - Chapter 8

Posted on February 23, 2007

1.    How do you feel about giving beyond your tithe?  I think it is important to give to God beyond my tithe.  At this time I am still learning to control my finances and it is difficult to give more than 10%. I feel I give unto the Lord in other ways besides money.

2.    How can you tell if your giving with the right attitude?  Check my motives.  Am I giving with a cheerful heart.

3.    How could you make giving fun and joyful?  Make it a part of my worship unto the Lord.
Begin completion of Worksheets A, B, C, D. Complete all worksheets by Feb. 25. (You are not required to submit these personal documents, but you will be responsible to verify completion via a signed statement and final assessment statement—see Course Materials.)

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