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Posted on June 25, 2008

OVER 400 Salvations!!! The children encountered the Love of Jesus on Tuesday, which I believe ignited their faith and their faith pulled down their healings on Wednesday. On Thursday I was led to lay hand on every child and bless them, pray protection over them, and send them out with authority. Our VBS may have been only 3 days but it was the most powerful one yet!

-the kids used their color sheets to write their testimonies on!!!

o Antonio was annoyed with his hearing aids because he had to take them off when he went on waterslides. No longer needs to use his right hearing aid. Right Ear is healed and is praying for his left ear to be completely healed. Mother Confirmed, she will be writing and emailing her family testimony. I talked to her on the phone for 30 min, It’s Great!!!

o I called a 5th grader named Brook forward to pray for her peers. She stated afterwards, “I could feel the faith coming down on them, feel the miracles coming down on them. At that moment I knew that they were going to be healed. I could feel heaven like opening up.”

o Kristina forgot to wear her glasses and could not see well that day. When she prayed she could see better, doesn’t need glasses anymore.

o 6th Grade Girl with birth defect in back w/ pain since childhood felt the pain leave her back.
Listen to the Audio Recordings below.

o 5th Graders new goal is to go back to her church and start something new, start helping other kids.

o Boy’s heart would hurt when he would breathe, but believes, “Today I knew it went away because God helped me take it away and it’s never coming back anymore!”

o Ashley’s vision was healed. She can see without her glasses.

o Girl dealing with sadness since her Grandfathers heart attack believes he will be healed and she is feeling better.

o 6th Grade Girl struggling with sharing home with foster child was healed of emotional hurt and anger. When prayed over, she felt “total happiness” and felt loved.

o Juan and Lon and 2-3 others claimed healing of Asthma. Lon said he could breathe better. Girl claimed after praying could now breathe perfectly.

o Numerous children claimed healing for their allergies.

o Avery healed of stomach virus. 7-8 children with stomach problems stated they felt better after praying.

o One 3rd grad girl was crying and was about to be taken to the nurse for stomach ache and Atheria brought her forward for prayer first. Girl was prayed for by her peers and she returned a short time later feeling completely better.

o Paula, a volunteer, had a migraine headache and received healing during morning prayer with volunteers

o Another volunteer re-injured her hip during the game time. She expressed she was in pain during chapel, but after praying the pain in her hip left. She could walk better.

o Diana claimed healing from the disease that causes hair lose. She says her hair is growing back now.

o Girl’s ear infection that the doctor said would take one week to heal felt better that day.

o Girl showed me her arm where the rash she had was gone.

o Boy with cough and has been on medicine for weeks claimed his cough was gone after he prayed.

o JP Rueda - His leg was sore at the ankle, after being anointed w/ oil and prayed for he said his leg felt much better.
o Several kids claimed healing for pain in ankles and legs.

o Matthew Espinoza- Pain in the wrist and couldn’t move it without more pain. After he went to the altar and was prayed for he could move his wrist better and the pain was gone.

o Alexa Garsed- Was praying for her 2nd grade sister, Nadia. Nadia has arthritis and Alexa is believing for a complete healing for her.

o Jarret Sczech- Was feeling drowsy before the chapel and had even fallen asleep during lunch. He went forward and was prayed over and was not tired any more.
Their were even more testimonies. Many of these were taken from the recordings of the 3rd grade and 5th/6th grade chapel. The 2nd & 4th grade chapels were not recorded.


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  1. sarah bussey July 3, 2008 8:03 pm

    I remember being there that day. God even touched my life,
    I was praying over the kids, when all of a sudden my legs gave out. My entire body went numb, and my hands were like a crippled’s. I was shaking with fear even after I had regained strength. One of the guys who was volenteering told me, “I saw the angel of the Lord, come and take the demon out of you.” I was so happy! And now I have had a ddesire to be close to God. Praise God!!!!!!!

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